https://www.jdongsaas.com/contact.html Jin Dong Global International Co., Ltd https://www.jdongsaas.com/images/corpimg.png 235 新北市中和區員山路502號8樓-9 $ 02-2225-6766#253 Jin Dong Global International Co., Ltd was established in 2013 and has since become a leading software service consultant in the industry. From our inception, we have accumulated extensive experience in software development and consistently enhanced the technical and professional capabilities of our personnel. By leveraging the latest technologies and employing stringent management practices, we provide software consulting services to assist clients in achieving their goals.Our range of software services empowers clients to concentrate on market strategy planning and respond promptly to market demands. Our service portfolio includes software development, education and training, system maintenance, and talent outsourcing.Expertise and Commitment:Accumulated extensive expertise in software development since inception.Unwavering commitment to advancing the technical and professional proficiencies of personnel. Strategic Approach:Strategic deployment of cutting-edge technologies.Implementation of rigorous management practices. Service Focus:Focus on delivering comprehensive SAAS consulting services.Aimed at assisting clients in achieving specific objectives. Beyond Conventional Boundaries:SAAS services extend beyond conventional boundaries.Emphasis on ensuring heightened web exposure for clients. Diverse Service Portfolio:Service offerings within the portfolio:Bespoke software development.Tailored educational and training programs.Meticulous systematic maintenance solutions.Strategic talent outsourcing services. Holistic Support:Commitment to providing a holistic suite of services.Dedication to supporting clients in navigating the dynamic SAAS industry landscape. Empowerment and Success:Facilitating heightened web visibility and robust solutions.Empowering clients to surpass expectations.Allowing clients to concentrate on strategic market planning and respond promptly to online sphere demands. Agility and Competitiveness:Approach solidifies clients' agility and competitiveness.Positions clients for success in the ever-evolving SAAS landscape.
https://www.jdongsaas.com/ Jin Dong Global International Co., Ltd

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