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IT Consulting

Premium IT Consultancy Services at Jin Dong Global International Co., Ltd.

Jin Dong Global International Co., Ltd. stands as a beacon of excellence, offering top-notch IT consultancy services led by a team of the finest experts and talent in the industry. Our architects, developers, engineers, researchers, and consultants bring decades of experience and unparalleled skills to the table, dedicated to transforming businesses worldwide.

Our IT Consultancy Services: Digital Transformation Roadmapping
In the realm of IT consultancy, our commitment extends to modernizing your existing technology landscape, aligning it seamlessly with your business needs and identifying gaps. This transformative process encompasses software re-architecture, platform migration, re-coding, and containerization, optimizing costs and enhancing the efficiency of your IT infrastructure. Jin Dong Global International Co., Ltd. is your partner in navigating the digital landscape and ensuring your workplace IT environment is modernized to its full potential.
  • Key Offerings:
Digital Tools Integration:
  1. Optimizing financial investments and time through the integration of new digital tools and platforms.
  2. Increasing efficiency by reducing manual labor and automating task fulfillment.
Employee Reskilling:
Bridging IT service gaps by reskilling employees, and enhancing overall workflow productivity.
  • IT Strategy Consulting
At Jin Dong Global International Co., Ltd., our IT strategy consulting services begin with a comprehensive assessment of your current IT environment, including infrastructure complexity, applications, integrations, data warehouses, databases, and development infrastructure. We collaborate with you to shape an IT infrastructure vision that aligns seamlessly with your business needs, focusing on stability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Our Approach:

Custom IT Solutions:
  1. Planning resilient architectures tailored to your specific needs.
  2. Creating prototypes and defining project roles and skills required for implementation.
Technologies We Excel In:
  • Clouds: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, and Rackspace
  • Big Data Tools: Hadoop, Apache Spark, Cassandra, Kafka, and more
  • Immersive Technologies: AR and VR
  • Computer Vision
  • IoT and Blockchain
At Jin Dong Global International Co., Ltd., we are not just consultants; we are partners in crafting and executing IT solutions that drive success and innovation for your business.