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IT Maintenance & Support

Comprehensive Support and Maintenance Solutions

At Jin Dong Global International Co., Ltd, we believe in nurturing enduring partnerships with our clients, recognizing that your success is an ongoing journey. Beyond the culmination of software development, our commitment extends into a realm of dedicated support and maintenance services, ensuring a sustained and seamless experience for your software applications.
Dedicated Support Team
Our responsive support team is committed to providing swift resolutions to any issues that may surface within your system. Armed with expertise and efficiency, we've meticulously crafted an organizational plan that ensures thorough correction and verification processes. This strategic approach empowers your business to maintain optimal productivity without disruptions.
  • Our Support and Maintenance Services Include:
1. Basic Software Support:
  • Addressing foundational issues within the online system.
  • Resolving incidents at their core to ensure system stability.
2. Systems Training:
  • Collaborating between user support and training departments.
  • Providing tailored solutions for common issues, including operational knowledge gaps, application access challenges, password resets, improper functionality use, user registration concerns, deregistration procedures, and more.

Partner with Confidence
Count on Jin Dong Global International Co., Ltd to uphold the reliability and functionality of your software. Our ongoing support and maintenance services are designed to keep your software running seamlessly, providing your team with the essential support they need to thrive. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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